There's a solution as unique as you.

We offer services to individuals of all age groups. Along with highly-trained, compassionate therapists, we also have on-staff psychiatrists who can prescribe medication if necessary.

Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy services include:

Educational and Group Opportunities:

We also offer educational series for individuals who are seeking community.

Educational series allow individuals to:

  • Process information verbally
  • Connect with a community
  • Feel less alone in their journey
  • Gain support from others who understand

Our opportunities include:

Free Community Groups
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Anger Management Substance Abuse Series
Adolescent Anxiety
Support Group

Complex Trauma
Support Group

This is an 8 week class that must be completed consecutively. It can fulfill any court mandated anger management counseling requirements.

There is an evaluation fee of $100 and class fee of $70 per class.

  • Stopping anger before it starts
  • Learn when anger can be used appropriately
  • Recognize underlying emotions that produce anger
  • Averting hostility, maliciousness, and rage behaviors
  • Eliminating unproductive thoughts and feelings
  • Practice useful methods to utilize anger effectively
  • Coping with problematic circumstances
  • Understand how to resolve issues now
This is an 8 week class that begins with an initial evaluation followed by 8 weeks of sessions.

Afternoon and Evening Sessions Available

  • Week 1: Understanding substance abuse
  • Week 2: Stages of recovery
  • Week 3: Health hazards and risks
  • Week 4: Social dimensions
  • Week 5: Mental disorders
  • Week 6: Progressing toward change
  • Week 7: Relapse prevention
  • Week 8: Treatment planning